Hey there!

I don’t know what this page is, so I guess I’ll put in a few things here.

On Manga
I will gladly take suggestion on what manga to read, or movies to watch, just leave a post down there. I’m reading/watching on my free time, and I line up what I read/watch, so if you’re expecting a review, it would probably take a long time before it shows up.

In the Future
In the future, I’ll probably add album and game reviews and other stuff here. I’ll dump in everything I can think of in English here, but I do have a separate blog for programming related stuff.

About Me
Oh, if you’re wondering, I’m a dude. Don’t be fooled by the Yotsuba icon. I just like her and the manga she’s in. It’s really great and very funny, you should read it.

What’s with the blog’s title?
Kudos to anyone who knows what the inspiration for the title is.

There, that’s it. ^^


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