Domu Review

Do you believe that there are people beyond normal out there? What if you had a power beyond human understanding? Would you use it for good, or for evil?

In Domu, an apartment complex is the setting for multiple unexplained deaths of the people living in there. The police are at a loss. Some say the place is haunted, some say there’s someone from the complex itself killing the residents. Still, no concrete evidence can be found. The police detective then proceeds to say that if there isn’t anything in the realm of possibility, then maybe it’s time for them to look in to the impossible.

The killer is a resident of the complex, and he has telekinetic powers. Due to the nature of his powers, he can do things to the residents without laying a hand on them and send them to their deaths. Why does he do it? He does it because it’s fun for him, and he believes he wouldn’t get caught.

Everything changes when a family moves in to the apartment complex. The little girl of the family has powers too, and she notices the malignant presence of the killer. She does everything to keep him out of her family and friends. The killer is scared of the little girl, because her powers might be greater than his. So he devices ways to kill the little girl.

Having read Akira before this which is also about inhuman powers and the consequences of wielding it for selfish purposes, I have to say I’m really impressed with the mangaka. Domu came before Akira, but it doesn’t pale compared to Akira. In fact, it is unfair to compare the two, since the former only is six chapters long, while the latter is told in thirty chapters. Suffice to say that Domu was the seed and Akira is the tree that sprung from it.

This manga screams to be made into a movie. The art on this one is really great, especially at the final chapters, when the two main characters finally confront each other. Within six chapters, the mangaka has succeeded to convey the movie like quality that Akira has into this little gem of a story.

This one’s not to be missed by manga fans, and those who like Akira, manga or movie alike.

(This review covers the whole Domu manga.)


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