Lady Snowblood Review

They say that “Hell has no fury like a woman scorned”, but that doesn’t exactly apply to this review. The heroine isn’t the one who got scorned, in fact, no one did. Instead, the heroine’s mother was raped while her father was killed. The mother then vows to avenge herself and her husband, and manages to kill one of the men who raped her. She gets into jail, and in there tries to get impregnated by any men. Why? Just so she could see a son born into the world to carry on her grudge and vengeance. Instead, she brings birth to a girl, and she asks her fellow inmates in jail while she was giving birth to tell her story to her daughter and for them to take care of her. The mother dies, and the child grows up to be an assassin.

Known as Lady Snowblood, she takes on assassination jobs for other people, even if the reasons for it aren’t all black and white. She kills with finesse and cunning, you’ll marvel at how intelligent and deadly she is. Still, she’s a woman at heart, and it shows in few fleeting moments. Most of the time she’s either being a spy, seducing someone, disemboweling someone, or planning something devious to bring one’s fall. She doesn’t just kill everyone, some of the cases she take she does things that will bring about the ruin of these people.

Although the manga has only a few chapters, it feels long, thanks to the episodic nature of the stories. As the manga nears its end, she finally catches up on those who did wrong on her parents and exacts her justice.

Full of violence, intrigue, sex, and a little bit of heart, Lady Snowblood is for any mature reader out there that likes their manga serious. Did I mention the film for this manga was the inspiration for Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill? đŸ™‚

(This review covers the whole Lady Snowblood manga.)


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