Mushishi Review

Do you believe that there are unexplainable things out there? Do you like supernatural stories? Well, this manga is for you. But no, this one’s not about ghosts and aliens.

Mushishi is a manga about mushi, unexplainable living beings that can’t be seen by normal humans. There are people who can see them, and some of these people turn to be a Mushishi, an expert on mushi. Think of it as what a paranormal investigator is to supernatural phenomenon. The manga is centered around Ginko, a mushishi, as he tries to help the people who are affected in some way by mushi. Mushi cause all kinds of things: they can be benign, helping others, or deadly, as some of them have fatal effects on those around them. Some examples of mushi are those that causes blindness, some that takes over a human body, and one that makes a harvest bountiful.

The manga is presented like a compilation of stories. You could read any of them in any order without missing much, except for a few recurring characters here and there. The art is really beautiful, and if you want something more beautiful, watch the anime to see this work of art in motion.

The stories vary from simple light hearted fare to full on dark stories, where death is the only end for the characters affected by mushi. Nonetheless, most of the stories in Mushishi will tug at your heart strings. The chapters are fairly long, taking up to 40 pages above to finish. And with 50 chapters, this one’s a long read. Mushishi should be in any manga lover’s collection, and anyone who wants a great read will find it here.

(This review covers the whole Mushishi manga.)


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