Gyo Review

Gyo Review

What’s scarier than a shark? A shark on land! What’s scarier than a shark on land? A zombie shark on land! Junji Ito’s latest work will show you this nightmare and more.

A young couple decides to take a vacation in the beach, and soon things take a turn for the worst when they discover a fish with legs with an unbelievably bad stench. The girl is hysterical, so guy catches the fish and puts it in a plastic.

Fast forward a few months later, the couple return to the city and there they learn that fish with legs start pouring out from the sea, and in no time they’re overrunning the land too, filling it with their deadly smell. The city gets polluted with the gas emitting for these zombie fishes, and soon larger sea creatures such as a shark walk on land to terrorize the people. Needless to say, the city is in a pure nightmare.

Then, out of the blue, the people starts to get infected too. What’s more, the legs from the fish attach to them too, sucking their nutrients and making them zombie like too. Chaos ensues in the whole country.

This manga features a more coherent story than the author’s most famous work, Uzumaki. What’s more, the art is cleaner but nothing is sacrificed. You’ll still see nightmarish illustrations one after the other.

The story is simplistic, and you won’t probably remember much of it save for the couple running away lots of times. The characters don’t really stick out that much too. Still, suffice to say that if you’re scared of sharks, zombies, or anything putrid, this manga is your worst nightmare.

(This review covers the complete Gyo manga.)


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