Dororo Review

Osamu Tezuka is considered the god of manga, and I’ve read two of his works: Dororo and Ode to Kirihito. I’ll be reviewing Dororo, one of the manga’s I’ve first finished reading.

A young child is sacrificed by his father to demons so he could gain power. In return, all the demons took one body part each from the boy. Miraculously, the boy survives regardless of his condition, and he sets out to vanguish the demons who took his body parts to return them one by one. Along the way, he meets a young thief, and they embark on adventures against spirits, samurai, demons, and other creatures across three volumes.

Dororo is considered as one of the earliest shonen manga. It features Tezuka’s trademark art style. There are tons of violence and disembowelment, but the effect is diffused due to its cartoony nature. The duos quest is epic, and there are plenty of funny dialogue too. There’s even a big twist, which might not be a big thing to most of the readers out there because it’s been done to death, but just think of the impact it had back on the early days of manga. Of course, there are tons of action, but the story never gets too heavy. Also worth noting is that this manga’s ending feels abrupt, leaving the ending open for interpretation to the readers.

Overall, with just three chapters, this manga is highly recommended for any manga lovers out there. Everyone should find something to like with this manga.

(This review covers the complete Dororo manga.)


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