Drifting Classroom Review

Here’s the last of the Halloween special manga reviews! Enjoy! 😀

Being removed from civilization always fascinates people. Stories like The Lord of the Flies and TV shows like Lost captured the imaginations of millions of people around the world. They are all based around this premise: a group of people gets trapped somewhere they can’t leave, and we see how they cope either with the building or destruction of society and in the end, their humanity.

Enter The Drifting Classroom! One day, our hero goes to school, and then boom! A huge earthquake strikes the town, and after the shocks are gone, the school disappears. Where did the school go? The school, on the other hand, miraculously gets transported entirely into a desolate wasteland.

I won’t spoil any more plot details, but suffice to say, if you’ve enjoyed the aforementioned The Lord of The Flies or Lost, then you’ll definitely enjoy this one. Elementary kids with teachers getting stranded in a barren landscape is a recipe for great adventure, and this manga delivers this in spades. You’ll barely pause for breath as one after another disaster strikes.

There are some minor faults in this manga too. Some of the dialogue are simplistic and funny, and the way the characters are drawn running or walking will elicit some smiles too. Well, I guess that’s the early days of manga for you.

This is the only manga where I’m surprised just by looking at the next frames, so don’t skip this one up. This one’s guaranteed to give you a great time.

(This review covers the complete Drifting Classroom manga.)


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