Naruto Review

Who’s Naruto? He’s a Space Pirate who rides a unicorn and battles evil mushroom cotton candies. I kid!

Most of you reading this might know who this kid is, but for those who don’t, he’s a ninja from the village of the Hidden Leaf, and the manga revolves around (surprise!) Naruto.

The universe is set in a world where ninjas are the supreme military power in the world, and the world is separated into different countries with their own ninja villages, often prefixed with “Hidden”, maybe because of their ninja – ness(tm).

Anyway, Naruto is a headstrong kid, fun loving too, but he has something literally inside him: a demon fox sealed ages ago to stop its destructive rampage. Because of this, his fellow villagers often steer clear and ignore him because of spite(the demon fox killed quite a lot of villagers on its rampage) and fear(the demon fox is very powerful).

The manga opens up with us getting introduced to Naruto, then to his fellow team members Sasuke and Sakura, along with their team leader Kakashi. Long story short: I hate his teammates. Selfish bunch of bastards. Anywaaaaay.

No more spoilers, we get to meet a bunch of other ninjas, and a host of baddies, but even though this manga already got past the 500 mark, the manga feels like just one long arc. What’s surprising is, I like Naruto more than Bleach.

Also worth noting is in the last chapters I’ve read, Naruto has gotten insanely strong, to the point of most of his peers and important characters relying on him. I therefore feel that this manga is nearing its end.

The villains on this manga are really evil. I want to grab an eraser and erase them from the pages. Just die already! Oh, and I don’t care about Sasuke’s emo plight too.

Let’s hope this manga ends out with a bang.

(This review covers Naruto chapters 1 to 603.)


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