Moonrise Kingdom Review

Hey there! This here marks my first movie review in this blog. The movie I’ll be reviewing is called Moonrise Kingdom.

This film is about young love between two troubled kids who met one day in a play and has never seen each other again, until at least after some time. They kept on communicating through letters and in the end, they decided to run off together. When they finally leave, they are pursued by the people in their lives: his scout platoon for the boy, and her family for the girl. They traverse through the island and finally reach the end of it. Their pursuers don’t give up easily though, and eventually, they catch up with them. More stuff happens after that.

Visually, this movie is really beautiful, like a children’s storybook. The story is surprisingly tinged with a little bit of darkness, shown through the sudden stabs of violence, and this one has a surprisingly mature coming of age scene too.

The leads are great in portraying their troubled roles, and the supporting cast is also great too. The supporting cast consists of popular actors, but that doesn’t detract or add to the experience, the movie works naturally.

The story itself is simple, but still immensely enjoyable, because of the surreal atmosphere the movie gives, even though it is rooted in reality. There are scenes though that are definitely removed from it.

All in all, I recommend seeing this great movie.


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