Genshiken Review

Genshiken is about college life in a club of otakus. Here we get the stereotypes such as the cosplayer, the gamer, and the mangaka. But this manga achieves so much more by breathing life into the characters and making the reader sympathize with them.

The characters are really well drawn out, the art is great, and most of the scenes are hilarious. An added bonus is the manga within a manga called Kujibiki Unbalance.

This manga manages to give us a great look at how it is being an otaku in Japan. Also, the comic fests are crazy. The manga isn’t also afraid to delve into the characters fantasies, all while still being deeply rooted in reality. Even the love story parts will draw you in.

A testament on how great this manga is: I already watched the anime(it’s one of my favorites) but there wasn’t a boring moment when I relived the experience through the manga again.

Added bonus: discovering there’s a Genshiken 2.

All in all, one of the best manga’s I’ve read.

(This review covers the whole Genshiken manga.)


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