MPD Psycho Review

MPD Psycho or Multiple Personality Detective is a dark manga about a detective with (surprise!) multiple personalities. The protagonist has a good personality, an evil personality, and other personalities thrown in the mix. The story revolves around killers with barcodes on their eyeballs, and our protagonist has a barcode in his eye too.

We first get introduced to disemboweled women(including the protagonist’s), then we get weirder with women with their scalps open with a budding flower on their brain, plus the less weird cannibalism murders, plus other stuff I forgot since this manga is full of stuff like that.

Surprisingly, the adult content(cough cough) of this manga is light, especially if you take it into account that there are lots of nudity in this work, but I guess this is the case since majority of the booty you’ll see is from corpses. Yikes.

I will not delve into further plot details as it will spoil the story, but suffice to say it gets convoluted as it goes along.

Like the protagonist itself, this manga has a multiple personality disorder. I don’t feel like this manga has found what it likes to be. Does it want to be a dark thriller? A dark sci – fi tale? What?

81 chapters in, and I still don’t have a clue on what this manga wants to be, and as it goes along I just want it to end.

(This review covers MPD Psycho chapters 1 – 81.)


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