Death Note Review

Death Note is a popular manga about a death note that falls into the hands of the warped and brilliant young man named Light. He goes on killing and killing criminals, and this is viewed by some as murder. Eventually, a super detective named L rises up to the challenge of catching him.

There are rules set within the note, like how to use it, what happens when this thing happens, and more. The story then revolves around the battle of the wits set by these rules. This could be very gripping at times.

You will either be swayed with Light’s brilliant mind and dark sense of justice or of course L’s righteousness. Not to mention he’s as smart(or even smarter) than Light.

I don’t know why the manga didn’t have much of an impact on me, maybe it’s because I’ve already watched the anime and they are almost exactly the same.

My suggestion? Read the manga first, then see it come alive before your own eyes with the anime.


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