Bleach Review

A little story: one day, I was hanging out with my buddy and he then proceeded to tell me that he can see ghosts and he sends them off to a better place. After a few months, I learned his favorite anime is Bleach, and what’s more, he got the story from that manga.

Bleach is about Kurosaki Ichigo, a young kid who can see ghosts. He then meets Rukia, a shinigami, and a Hollow appears after that, monsters who are hunted by shinigami. Things turn out for the worst, so Rukia stabs Ichigo with his zanpakutou(soul cutter) and he becomes a shinigami himself.

The setting is in a modern day Japanese urban town called Karakura, and later on opens up to Soul Society and Hueco Mundo, the world of Hollows.

The first arc is really good. The second arc is too long, but still good. The third arc is a worthless, boring piece of crap. We are now on the final arc.

The anime stopped production, and people theorize that it’s the fault of excessive fillers on the anime. I only saw one filler arc on the anime, the Bount arc, and man, it was really boring. Well, it’s not as boring compared to the manga’s third arc, which almost killed Bleach for some.

This review will be continued to cover the last arc.

(This review covers Bleach chapters 1 – 511.)


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