Btooom! Review

Btooom was a recommendation to me by a friend when he learned that I was reading and enjoying Gantz. He told me that the main dude is like Light from Death Note and there’s some adult stuff on the manga too. I proceeded to download Btooom.

Set in an island, our hero Ryota finds himself trapped in a real life version of the online game Btooom where he is ranked 10 in the world rankings. The game is a team based action title with different bombs as weapons.

When I was reading, I kept expecting Ryota to show some Kurono or Light in his character but it never showed. Through and through, he’s just a nice kid who’s thrown into the game. There he meets and joins with Taira and Himiko to fend off the other crazier players.

Basically, the premise of the real version of the game is that players collect 8 chips which are on the left hand of the players so that they can leave the island. For the chips to come off, they have to kill one another using the BIMs(bombs) given to them. There are different types of BIMs like a timer type, a firecracker type, and a vacuum type.

Some of the characters are really crazy, like the 14 year old murderer and rapist, and the two faced doctor.

What can I say about this manga? Well, it feels like Battle Royale , minus all the excitement. Nothing we haven’t seen before. Yeah, encounter here, survive that. I’m getting tired of Battle Royale type of stories.

Still, this one’s a good way to pass some time, and is in no way bad.

(This review covers Btooom chapters 1 – 49.)


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