Read Manga Offline and Free Legally

Have you ever wanted to read manga but don’t have a stable internet connection? Do you find the monotony of clicking the “Next” button and waiting for the image to show up only to show you a white page with a simple drawing at the lower corner too cruel? Do you want to read manga but you don’t own a PC*? Worry no more!

Because of this neat little kid, all your worries will fade away! Now, I’m going to teach you how to easily download manga, and read it easily in the comforts of your home, or anywhere you like*.

Let me introduce you to this wonderful app called Domdomsoft Manga Downloader! What is it? It is only the single most valuable thing in existence since Windows Vista and Nintendo Virtual Boy! Eh, what? It isn’t more important than those two?

Anyway, this application lets you choose from a considerably big list of manga providers, and lets you download complete manga from those sites. For example, we could choose to download the latest chapter of Naruto from MangaHere. Heck, you can even download the whole Naruto!

There’s also a premium one where you can download from such premium sites like Batoto and Eatmanga, and also you can download from the darker fringes of manga. Pervs, you know what I’m talking about.

Well, basically, this application downloads them and puts them in a folder in your C: drive with the chapter or the volume as the title of the folder. Well, you could probably read it there using Windows Picture Manager, but why would you? Are you crazy? Huuh? HUUUUH? HUUUUUUUUUUUUH? Well, you’re not crazy. You know that. The whole world doesn’t.

Anyway, to avoid doubting your sanity, I present to you another neat kid! The greatest invention since the Betamax! This one’s called Comical, and it let’s you read zip,rar,cbz, and cbr archives. For those not in the biz, cbz stands for comic book zip(the fiends! How dare they deceive us thinking there’s a new archive type!) and cbr stands for comic book rar(again!). Basically, I suggest you archive the stuff you download from the DMD(let’s call it that now) so that there will be no tears when your kid cousin suddenly opens up your PC and finds your stash of “adult” manga as images.

Also, it is worth noting that DMD also can archive your stuff after it finishes downloading, but for me this is just a waste of time when you can just archive everything on your explorer after you download everything. Not to mention that for every chapter, it will stop downloading and archive that chapter, adding lots of time to the whole process. I guess the time added is trivial for downloading a single chapter, but if you’re downloading the whole Detective Conan thing, this would really add up. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

*For those who don’t own a PC, here’s my solution!
You need to own an Android device. Well, I don’t own a PC so this thing is what I do.

What you need to do is go to the Android Play Store and download PerfectViewer. Donate, if you can. This is a great piece of software that reads manga. I’m using a Galaxy Y and I’ve read tons of manga using this software. It even has useful features such as History and Bookmarks, and I guarantee you, feature wise, this is the best manga reader out there.

That’s it! I’ll probably create a list of manga for those new to this thing, and I’ll link it here. Happy manga reading! ^^


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